About ATT International 

With a history going back over 15 years we bridge the needs of suppliers and customers in different countries today.  The challenges the world is facing are inherently complex. Topics like fair trade have a clear impact on the whole supply chain. We recognize that sustainable development is required to enhance the fragile balance between Customers, Suppliers and profit.

Tailored Approach

We are committed to initiating, facilitating and aligning all initiatives addressing the challenges and opportunities in our pursuit of a sustainable future.

Responsible High Quality Products

By working together with our partners and by focusing on our own operations we are in the position to deliver responsible high quality products.

Code of Conduct

We are committed to conduct its business with honesty, integrity, respect and is complying with all applicable laws.


Responsible High Quality Products

Kitchen Appliances

Our Values 

ATT International is an innovative and quality European Import & Export operator with 15 years of experience and many valued customers in Europe and Asia. Our approach to business is simple: to take our expertise and infrastructure to design Import&Export solutions tailored to your needs and the needs of your customers. We provide excellent customer support and will assist you all they way as you establish yourself in the Import & Export business.

Our Environmental Footprint

Although our environmental impact is relatively small, we always try to improve when it comes to reducing our footprint. We focus on innovation and efficiency to save energy and reduce waste.

Our focus is not limited to our own company. Because the environmental impact is often higher at our suppliers, we support our partners with practical solutions that are more efficient. This way we work together to decrease the environmental footprint of the products we trade with.